Communists Win General Election


Okay, maybe not, but with any luck we can take back some deposits.

Live updates of the results in constituencies which are being contested by candidates of the Communist Party, the Labour Representation Committee and others of interest. Results throughout the night.

Communist Party

Cardiff South and Penarth – Robert Griffiths 0.4%
Croydon North – Ben Stevenson 03%
Glasgow North West – Marc Livingstone 0.5%
Newcastle East – Martine Levy 0.5% (-0.1)
North Devon – Gerry Sables 0.2%
Sheffield South East – Steve Andrew 0.3%

Labour Representation Committee

Ashton-under-Lyne – David Heyes WIN 48.4 (-10.1)
Batley and Spen – Mike Wood WIN 41.5% (-3.7)
Blyth Valley – Ronnie Campbell WIN 44.5% (-10.5)
Bolsover – Dennis Skinner WIN 50% (-15.2)
Bury St Edmunds – Kevin Hind LOSE 16.6% (-10.7) [Conservative HOLD]
Clwyd West – Donna Hutton LOSE 24.7% (-11.3) [Conservative HOLD]
Dundee East – Katrina Murray LOSE 33.9% (2.9%) [SNP HOLD]
Gower – Martin Caton WIN 38.4% (-4.0)
Great Grimsby – Austin Mitchell WIN 32.7% (-14.4)
Hackney North and Stoke Newington – Diane Abbott WIN 54.9% (+6.0)
Halifax – Linda Riordan WIN 37.4% (-4.5)
Hayes and Harlington – John McDonnell WIN 54.6% (-1.6)
Isle of Wight – Mark Chiverton LOSE 11.6% (-5.6%)
Islington North – Jeremy Corbyn WIN 54.5% (+3.3)
Kettering – Phil Sawford LOSE 29.9% (-12.7%) [Conservative HOLD]
Leyton and Wanstead – John Cryer 43.6% (-2.2)
Llanelli – Nia Griffith WIN 42.5% (-4.5)
Luton North – Kelvin Hopkins WIN 49.3% (+0.7)
Midlothian – David Hamilton WIN 47% (+1.5)
Newport West – Paul Flynn WIN 41.3% (-3.6)
Oldham West and Royton – Michael Meacher Win 45.5% (-2.9)
North Ayrshire and Arran – Katy Clark WIN 47.4% (+3.5)
North West Hampshire – Sarah Evans LOSE 13.7 (-7.7)
Pendle – Gordon Prentice LOSE 30.9% (-6.2)
Rutland and Melton – John Morgan LOSE 14.3 (-10.6)
Stroud – David Drew Lose 38.6 (-1.9) [Conservative GAIN]
Tunbridge Wells – Gary Heather LOSE 10.8% (-9.6) [Conservative HOLD]
Wansbeck – Ian Lavery WIN 45.% (-9.3)
Yeovil – Lee Skevington LOSE 5.2% (-5.3)

Other Seats of Interest

Brighton Pavilion – Caroline Lucas is in with a chance of becoming the Green Party’s first MP, despite going up against Labour left-winger and trade union activist Nancy Platts.

Result: Caroline Lucas wins narrowly for the Green Party.

Coventry North East – Former Militant MP Dave Nellist takes on Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth in the TUSC’s best chance.

Result: Nelist won 3.6% (-1.2). Labour kept the seat.

Carlisle – John Metcalfe, Communist Party member is endorsed by TUSC in a traditional Labour seat which has increasingly been giving the Party electoral trouble.

Result: 0.9% for Metcalfe. Conservative GAIN.

Birmingham Hall Green – Respect Leader Salma Yaqoob is trying to take this seat from Labour in what is her party’s best chance of avoiding fading into obscurity.

Result: Salma lost by nearly 4000 votes to Labour.

Poplar and Limehouse – George Galloway takes on Jim Fitzpatrick in what has developed into a dirty campaign. Honestly, Galloway has plunged off the edge of respectable politics as far as I’m concerned.

Result: Labour HOLD, with George Galloway decreasing Respect’s percentage share in third place.

Bethnal Green and Bow – Abjol Miah is trying to win a Respect hold in George Galloway’s old constituency. This constituency was recently the scene of a confrontation when the (Muslim) Labour Candidate spoke in a mosque (in what allegedly may have been an act of foul play by Respect activists.

Result: Respect beaten down into third place in a Labour GAIN.


Barking – BNP Fuhrer Nick Griffin

Result: Nick Griffin lost with 14.6%. Down 1.7 for the BNP. Labour increased its majority.

Stoke Central – The BNP’s second highest priority seat

Result: Darby gets humiliated with only 7.7%

Buckingham – Nigel Farage (UKIP) is under the mistaken impression his success in the Euros will carry over the the General Election, he’s up against the Speaker.

Result: The Speaker HOLDS and UKIP settles for third as second is taken by a former Tory independent candidate campaigning on local issues (i.e. not Brussels).

Bosworth – Incumbent Tory David Tredinnick is at risk of holding this seat in what would be a true blow for the enlightenment and age of reason.

Result: Tredinnick HOLDs seat with a 0% shift in majority.


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