David Harvey on HARDtalk


David Harvey speaks on HARDtalk about the capitalist crisis and the transition to communism.

I’m not sure that Sarah Montague is convinced. He doesn’t explain the nature of what growth actually is or what a growthless society does and does not mean well at all.


One Response to “David Harvey on HARDtalk”

  1. Steve Says:

    He does explain growth, it is capitalism expanding and finding profitable investment for the surplus created. This is getting cumulatively harder as the world economy grows, as more surplus needs to find more profitable investment. This helps explain the asset bubbles and the new financial products and therefore the latest crisis.

    What does a growthless society look like? Well it is one that produces for need and not profit. i.e. Not a capitalist one!
    A system that produces for profit will still attempt to overcome these barriers, it is just that it creates a whole bunch of problems attempting it.

    He also points out that development should not be confused with growth.

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