Move to WordPress


When I first set up the Reason and Revolt blog, I was faced with the same choice that all bloggers are: Blogger or WordPress. Now I new WordPress in theory have superior features and customisability, whereas Blogger was more limited. But in the end I chose Blogger (for reasons I can’t really remember) on the grounds that I could always switch to WordPress should I feel the need.

That need has been felt. I have a few reasons for the change. Firstly, the ability to create separate pages for any purpose I desire on a whim is one I have desired since finding out that you can’t do that on Blogger. Secondly, the sheer amount of spam bots that were infesting the comments section of the old blog. WordPress offer superior moderation options for comments.

Finally, I’m keen on the idea of a fresh start. One of the demands of writing a blog is the feeling that you should just write something, anything, in order to keep up activity. Very often those posts lacked the quality and level of thought that the topics they addressed deserve. They were simply below the standard which I believe I am capable of. If all goes according to plan that wont happen this time.